At Shira Ghaffari, excellence is the standard. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation for steady reliability and high integrity, with a global vision of timeless style and refined taste.

We research innovative techniques that push the boundaries of fine jewelry-making while still preserving the traditions and mastery of artisanal workmanship and are committed to continually investing in the implementation of new materials, style trends and production technologies, while still valuing heritage and know how, passed on from generation to generation in in this wonderful ancient art that has been dazzling people for millennia.

In the age of mass production and standardisation, at Shira Ghaffari, we believe in quality not quantity and in the notion that beauty lies in the minuteness of details. Jewelry is our passion, fulfilling our client’s needs is our first priority, and a strong work ethic is the foundation stone of our company’s philosophy.


no shortcuts

Shira Ghaffari has a strong commitment to lawful and ethical behaviour and an indisputable reputation, which its members and partners have earned over the years. This is one of our company’s most valuable assets. In an increasingly complex world, we can maintain our leadership only if we continue to merit the trust of our clients.

Globalization is shaping markets at an unprecedented pace, often shifting production to countries where labor laws and environmental regulations are poorly enforced with the objective to cut costs. We have never made compromises and always proudly committed to preserve, promote and value Italian fine jewelry making condemning bad practices.


devoted to build a sustainable future

Recent times have seen radical changes in all daily life aspects, decisions that we are taking in this historical moment are going to affect deeply future generations. We take great responsibility in forging a path based on sustainability, over the years we have been involved in creating a supply chain founded on moral, ethical and environmental protection.

Since our founding we have been working and investing to deliver economic growth while enhancing social and cultural development. To us fine jewelry embodies intrinsic characteristics that should be fostered and defended over the pursuit of pure profit: our philosophy is to help clients create timeless jewelry and not mass-produced pieces conceived for a consumer society.


Being deeply involved in one of the most fascinating art forms, we are keen advocates of the preservation of the noble arts heritage, our members donate each year part of their profits to associations devoted to promote and defend history and culture.